oncepurenowblackened-deactivate asked:

"You look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer."

bitchtothebridge answered:

"Is this you making fun of me because it’s cold out and my nose is red?"




There was a low snarl and then the hybrid was easily hauling Jim up by the head of his hair to bend him over the nearest flat surface,” Punishment isn’t meant to be fun.” 

A groan was pulled from Jim’s lips as he was pulled up and pushed down, but there was still a grin on his face, “R-really? Guess y-you’re gonna need to p-prove th-that point then…”

He raised a hand and brought it down hard on Jim’s ass, not hard enough to bruise or anything but hard enough to leave a deep red mark and to do more than sting. He was trying to take the fun out of spanking here, not give Jim a reason to hump his leg,” Am I now?”

The rough blow only served to pull a groan from Jim’s lips, followed by a breathy chuckle. There was no denying he might be a bit of a masochist and his back arched slightly, “N-not really p-proving y-your point there…”